Ethical dimensions in environmental dilemmas. Case studies.

Mario Burgui y Emilio Chuvieco

Environmental management also has clear ethical implications. Although it is essential to consider the technical or scientific aspects, the ethical dimensions are key to choosing more socially and environmentally appropriate alternatives. This analysis is rarely carried out or approached with overly simple criteria. This book attempts to illustrate other ways of proposing alternatives to environmental dilemmas that are based on an open dialogue between the parties. Based on the case method, we present an analysis scheme that can be applied to multiple situations. We have illustrated this approach with 14 different environmental problems that have occurred in Spain over the last decades.
Analyzing case studies is a teaching tool of great interest to facilitate reflection and argument, contrast one's own values with those of other people, take into account different points of view, or develop creativity and group work. For this reason, this text is also proposed as a support manual for a subject of environmental ethics, increasingly essential in the training of all professionals involved in the management of the territory.